Up's and Down's

The best way to describe my health as of lately is up and down. One day I'm feeling awesome and have no problems breathing and then the next I'm weak and tired and can barely breathe or move. This week has especially been that way, but as the week closes, I'm doing awesome! I was able to bounce back, thankfully.

We had an awesome 4th of July! A good friend of Jordan and mine, Kenneth Balderama, came in to town to see us and celebrate. Having him and a few other very close friends, Allyson Lewis and Dusty Lewis, was so nice and helped us out so much. We are very blessed to have such amazing people to help us out and spend time with! It makes this journey of mine so much easier knowing I have the best people next to me, fighting with me and reminding me why I fight. Other than having an awesome 4th and getting my health to stay stable, we have got some very exciting events coming up. Check them out and come see us or at least help us spread the word!

Thanks to everyone!

Much love!

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