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Positive Thoughts, Positive Results

Hi all!!

I have recently seen my CF and Transplant Doc, Dr. Dunitz and my PFT' are stable at 28% and my oxygen is at 99%! Also I have gained 7 pounds!! Things are looking good and we are just trucking along waiting for the call. The family is doing well, the girls are growing like weeds and are currently at home with me, as daycare was too pricey for us right now, I just pray I can keep up! Trying to stay strong and fight and also support and help my Pops keep fighting his battle with cancer.

We have a few events in the works too, so stay posted!!!

Love to all, stay strong, stay postitive!


Whirlwind! Phew!!

Hello, everyone!

It has been such a crazy ride the past few months. Sorry it took so long for me to update the site. In the past month we have packed up the Fam and moved north to be closer to my transplant hospital, University of Minnesota, Fairview. We also moved to be closer to my family-in-law. We have been staying with Jordan's Grandpa, Jim, until we move into our new place closer to Duluth, MN, which is where Jordan will be working starting Monday!! The move went well, still a tad chaotic, but we have lots of family, Lori, Tyler, ad Jim, to name a few really going above and beyond helping us out with this whole transition up North.

Up's and Down's

The best way to describe my health as of lately is up and down. One day I'm feeling awesome and have no problems breathing and then the next I'm weak and tired and can barely breathe or move. This week has especially been that way, but as the week closes, I'm doing awesome! I was able to bounce back, thankfully.

Fighting the good fight!

Hi all! It's my favorite time of year, its nice and warm outside, BBQing and all the amazing food and family fun times make me the happiest lady ever! Looking forward to the 4th and the huge BBQ party my amazing parents, Alan and Charyl Mansfield throw every year!!

Lately I have spent many hours on the phone trying to get my life sustaining meds and fighting with Express Scripts to get them to send my meds. All they care about is when they will get their money, and even after COTA helped me out and made a large payment to them, they still fought me! After a full day on the phone, 6 people, and 3 different drug companies later, I finally made some head way! Phew.

My Journey

Welcome to my page! COTA is an amazing organization and have already shown so much love! Jordan, my husband and I, are having a rough time paying for all of my medications, most of the important ones are Specialty and very expensive, and COTA immediately stepped in to help us cover what they could to help us just get by. Not to mention pricey prescriptions but hospital/clinic visits and my children's daycare. I am trying to be strong and stay as healthy as possible so I can watch my girls grow up to be amazing women! Right now I am currently active on the top of the double lung transplant list at The University of Minnesota, Fairview, for a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis.. With all of the costs that come along with Cystic Fibrosis, one of the most frustrating is not knowing one month from another, if we will have money to afford my medications, AND put food on the table.

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